Strip, Buff, and Wax


VCT Care

VCT (vinyl composition tile) is relatively inexpensive, durable, and does not require complex maintenance. There are two phases in keeping VCT in prime condition.


1.  Strip and Wax

The process is performed when tile is first installed and periodically thereafter based on traffic load and other conditions.


Technicians remove surface debris such as gum, trash, and dirt. Then they apply a solution that dissolves oils and wax. The solution is agitated with an aggressive scrubbing pad driven by a low speed buffer or an autoscrubber. The dissolved wax and other buildup are removed in a rinsing step that generally employees an automated squeegee. Following the strip, the technician typically applies a coat of sealer, followed by several costs of floor finish.


2.  Routine Maintenance (Buff)

This is performed periodically between strip and wax steps to maintain appearance.


In the spray buff process, a technician removes all surface debris such as gum and dirt, then sprays a very mild wax solvent while the floor is being buffed. As a result, the top layer of finish is momentarily softened and can be restored to a gloss finish.