Subfloor Repair

A subfloor is a floor laid on top of the floor joists, to which a finished, decorative floor is fastened. If your home's floor is of poured concrete, that's the subfloor. Plywood or planks also provide a solid platform to which tile, vinyl, hardwood, carpet, etc. can be fastened with nails or adhesives. To hold the finish flooring, the subfloor must be stable, relatively smooth, and waterproof.


Types of Subfloors


Wood Subfloors

Nail down installations are most common over wood subfloors, but glue down and floating installations are also possible. Wood subfloors must be well secured, by using a nail or screw every 6” along the joist to avoid squeaking. If the subfloor is not level, sand down high spots and fill low spots with a polymer-modified cementitious leveling compound.


The most common problem with a wood subfloor is annoying squeaks when someone walks across the floor. Squeaks occur when pieces of wood rub together.


Concrete subfloors

Concrete must be fully cured, at least 60 days old, and should have a minimum of 6-mil poly-film between the concrete and the ground. If it is necessary, grind high spots down and fill low spots with a polymer-modified cementitious leveling compound


Concrete subfloors don't have the squeak problems, but they can become water damaged and crack.


Gypcrete subfloors

Gypcrete floor underlayment is one of the most efficient fire and sound control products available for multifamily construction.  The product is a mixture of gypsum, Portland cement, and sand.


Gypcrete floors have great benefits to reducing costs during the construction phase, however host a multitude of problems later on in the life of the building.  Firstly, re-pouring gypcrete can be very costly from a labor standpoint. Secondly after time, gypcrete will start to crumble turning into a very fine dust-like particulate.  Measures must be taken prior to installing any floor over a cracked or broken gypcrete floor.  At this time, Protective Services is not repairing damaged gypcrete subfloors.